What is YOUR frequency?

What has happened to us? When did we lose our own soul? When we think of soul, we tend to imagine it to be of an energetic or ethereal nature. What if you thought of your soul as a ‘frequency’. We all have our own unique frequency, or musical ‘note’. This is shown in astrology with the Music of the Spheres. We all resonate with the frequencies of the heavenly bodies in our solar system, but although we are influenced by the same planetary energies, no living thing has the same frequency.

Society has stripped us of our own frequency. It has decided which frequency it wants us to be on and has made us believe that this is the only one!

How would you really feel if every face were only your image, if every mind affirmed your thoughts? People talk of harmony but have no respect for a different idea or a different way. The study of harmony means learning to respect the differences and studying the unity found within those different points.

~ Mitsugi Saotome

If you had an orchestra of musicians and had them play only one note, who would want to listen to it? Yet when you hear them all play their own unique part together, the harmony that is expressed can take you to higher places. So why do we let society dictate our lives and create this mechanical and one dimensional existence that is currently our life? This is what I believe is missing in our society. There is a lack of soul in the world, but this is because we have lost touch with ourselves.

If we stopped tuning ourselves to our outer world and to the frequencies that are ‘out of tune’ with our own, and instead go within and discover the frequency that we were born with, we could attract the frequencies that we are in tune with and create a beautiful symphony in this cosmic orchestra that we are all part of.