Human Nature

Under the sky, nothing is softer or more yielding than water.

And yet when it attacks firm, rigid things,

None of them can win against it.

Because they lack any means to move it.

That yielding wins against force;

That the soft wins over the force;

That the soft wins over the hard.

~ Tao Te Ching

When I look at the world and how it is moving, I think of water. Water, as nature intended it, in its liquid form, will always move in a downward direction. No matter what we (humans) do to try to divert it or damn it, it will always find it’s way down.

I was reflecting on the effects of the internet on the entertainment industry, and the increase of free downloading of music, movies, etc, and how this can relate to water. If you have companies that produce the music, for example, and these companies are making huge profits while the artists themselves get a trickle (pun intended) of this money, this is going against the flow of nature. If the water/money is all being held by a few, then eventually it has to move. So along comes the internet with its free music, and now the water has a place to move on it’s forever downward journey. Nature wins again. I believe that all industries are working in this way and the damns which they have built are about to bust.

To me, these things are inevitable. We humans are not impervious to nature. We too have to comply. Well, we don’t, but nature will just have its way anyway. If we were intelligent beings, we would start to pay attention to nature and it’s patterns, and our lives would then flow in a natural way, rather than creating a tsunami of challenges that we face on a daily basis.

So why don’t we look at ourselves and reflect on our “Human Nature”, which has been totally opposite to every other form of nature. It is time for us to yield, be soft, and flow with nature.