Epiphany – A sudden manifestation of the meaning or essence of something. A sudden intuitive realization or perception of reality.


How many of us go through our day, going through the routines, fulfilling our roles as members of society when all of a sudden we have that ‘Aha’ moment, that spark of understanding that breaks through and gives us a direct perception or ‘Truth’. These moments are priceless.

But so often these moments are so transient. They come and then they are gone. What I intended with this Blog was to have a place where I could record these moments, not only for my own benefit, but maybe it could benefit others who are interested enough in the crazy thoughts of some other person.

I am also interested in the thoughts and wisdom of so many others, who I love to read, watch, and listen to. Most of our own epiphanies are inspired by the epiphanies of so many others who were brave enough to express them.

What is reality? Reality is what we think it is. So I hope that my perspectives might interest you and perhaps add another window into your own reality.

May the epiphanies flow!

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