The Teapot Theory

I was sitting down at the kitchen table with my friends, drinking tea and talking about philosophy (as one does on such occasions) when the discussions became more of a debate on “my side is right and yours is not”. While I was part of this discussion it occurred to me that we are all looking at our own two dimensional perspective on the topic being discussed. I then brought up this idea using the teapot sitting in the middle of the table.

I said: “If twelve people are sitting around this one teapot and one person looks from their perspective and describes the image, then the next, and the next, and so on.. If all people were to imagine each other person’s perspective while still looking from their own, then what happens is that a previously two dimensional image becomes a three dimensional object”.

I then thought of this more deeply and went on to say: “If we were then to realize that we are all made of energy, and that there is no separation between all objects, then if we are looking at the teapot what we are really looking at is ourselves, or is the Teapot actually looking at us, the viewers, seeing itself looking back?”

This led me to formulate a theory, that all of life is like a magnificent diamond, with as many facets as there are things that exist, each with it’s own unique window into reality. If instead of living our entire life only choosing to look through this one window, we decided to be open to looking through all other windows, then we would be viewing all that exists, and so we can know what is this amazing diamond called ‘Reality’.

But then, if we are looking into this diamond, what then is looking back at us?..