Trump Card

FullSizeRenderBy Ben Sharp


Donald Trump.

Never has a name in our present time had such an effect on the world. The hysteria that surrounds the new President of America is unprecedented, and even from the other side of the globe can it be felt. The one-sided information/dis-information is blasted in the mainstream media on a daily basis, and it is lapped up, digested, and spat out of the mouths of un-informed and emotionally manipulated people.

I am not writing an article about the pros and cons of this man, as there is enough of this already out there, although strongly weighted to the cons. What I wanted to discuss was the archetypal image that Donald Trump represents in the global consciousness through the medium of the Tarot.

For those who don’t know anything about the Tarot, it is a form of divination that traditionally uses a deck of 78 cards made up of the Minor Arcana, which has a total of 56 cards and has four suits like traditional playing cards, and the Major Arcana which has 21 cards. You will notice that there is one more card that makes up the 78 total cards. This brings us to the ‘Fool’.

IMG_7846The Tarot is said to contain all the secrets of the universe as it represents the archetypal journey that we all go through in life. The very first card in the deck is the Fool. When you look at the number of the fool it is actually zero. The reason for this is that it signifies the soul starting a new journey, but it is usually depicted with the fool stepping off a cliff. This shows that to start a journey one must take a leap of faith not knowing where that step will take you or whether it will be your fall. The other significance of the number zero is that it is the circle. This is a universal symbol of eternity, as well as the cycles of death and rebirth. So the journey of the fool also represents the beginning of a new cycle.

So this brings us to Donald Trump.

In my opinion, on a national and global level, Trump represents the ‘Fool’ card. He has come into the political scene from an outside perspective and has been implementing change which has strongly deviated from the status quo. Or to put it another way, he is undoing the establishment that has been in power up to this point. If you look at the jester in ancient times, which is another name for the fool, you will see that he is an entertainer of the Kingdom and the courts. He can often get away with humiliating the King and Queen without punishment, but what people don’t realize is the fool is privy to the knowledge of the high court. So in actual fact he is acting the fool, and yet is wiser than most.

Donald Trump acts like the fool better than most, but are we underestimating the act for his real purpose? If Trump represents the fool then what is the journey he is taking? I believe we are at a point in time which is heralding a new consciousness. This has been happening for a while and continues, but in order for this to happen things which are outdated or worse, have been hindering the evolution of humanity will have to end. This is where Trump is really digging in. He is showing the world what has been hindering us and who has been at the heart of it.

Whether you love him or hate him, he is having a major impact on the world, which is waking us up to whats wrong with it, and giving us, the people, the opportunity to do something about it. Look at all the movements which are sprouting up due to him.

In the end his purpose has been shown, and it is naive of us to think that one man, or any government is going to save us or bring the change. We are the change. His role is to undo what has been keeping us locked in a zombie state of mind, and to awaken to our own potential to begin our own fool’s journey.

What is YOUR frequency?

What has happened to us? When did we lose our own soul? When we think of soul, we tend to imagine it to be of an energetic or ethereal nature. What if you thought of your soul as a ‘frequency’. We all have our own unique frequency, or musical ‘note’. This is shown in astrology with the Music of the Spheres. We all resonate with the frequencies of the heavenly bodies in our solar system, but although we are influenced by the same planetary energies, no living thing has the same frequency.

Society has stripped us of our own frequency. It has decided which frequency it wants us to be on and has made us believe that this is the only one!

How would you really feel if every face were only your image, if every mind affirmed your thoughts? People talk of harmony but have no respect for a different idea or a different way. The study of harmony means learning to respect the differences and studying the unity found within those different points.

~ Mitsugi Saotome

If you had an orchestra of musicians and had them play only one note, who would want to listen to it? Yet when you hear them all play their own unique part together, the harmony that is expressed can take you to higher places. So why do we let society dictate our lives and create this mechanical and one dimensional existence that is currently our life? This is what I believe is missing in our society. There is a lack of soul in the world, but this is because we have lost touch with ourselves.

If we stopped tuning ourselves to our outer world and to the frequencies that are ‘out of tune’ with our own, and instead go within and discover the frequency that we were born with, we could attract the frequencies that we are in tune with and create a beautiful symphony in this cosmic orchestra that we are all part of.



Human Nature

Under the sky, nothing is softer or more yielding than water.

And yet when it attacks firm, rigid things,

None of them can win against it.

Because they lack any means to move it.

That yielding wins against force;

That the soft wins over the force;

That the soft wins over the hard.

~ Tao Te Ching

When I look at the world and how it is moving, I think of water. Water, as nature intended it, in its liquid form, will always move in a downward direction. No matter what we (humans) do to try to divert it or damn it, it will always find it’s way down.

I was reflecting on the effects of the internet on the entertainment industry, and the increase of free downloading of music, movies, etc, and how this can relate to water. If you have companies that produce the music, for example, and these companies are making huge profits while the artists themselves get a trickle (pun intended) of this money, this is going against the flow of nature. If the water/money is all being held by a few, then eventually it has to move. So along comes the internet with its free music, and now the water has a place to move on it’s forever downward journey. Nature wins again. I believe that all industries are working in this way and the damns which they have built are about to bust.

To me, these things are inevitable. We humans are not impervious to nature. We too have to comply. Well, we don’t, but nature will just have its way anyway. If we were intelligent beings, we would start to pay attention to nature and it’s patterns, and our lives would then flow in a natural way, rather than creating a tsunami of challenges that we face on a daily basis.

So why don’t we look at ourselves and reflect on our “Human Nature”, which has been totally opposite to every other form of nature. It is time for us to yield, be soft, and flow with nature.

The Teapot Theory

I was sitting down at the kitchen table with my friends, drinking tea and talking about philosophy (as one does on such occasions) when the discussions became more of a debate on “my side is right and yours is not”. While I was part of this discussion it occurred to me that we are all looking at our own two dimensional perspective on the topic being discussed. I then brought up this idea using the teapot sitting in the middle of the table.

I said: “If twelve people are sitting around this one teapot and one person looks from their perspective and describes the image, then the next, and the next, and so on.. If all people were to imagine each other person’s perspective while still looking from their own, then what happens is that a previously two dimensional image becomes a three dimensional object”.

I then thought of this more deeply and went on to say: “If we were then to realize that we are all made of energy, and that there is no separation between all objects, then if we are looking at the teapot what we are really looking at is ourselves, or is the Teapot actually looking at us, the viewers, seeing itself looking back?”

This led me to formulate a theory, that all of life is like a magnificent diamond, with as many facets as there are things that exist, each with it’s own unique window into reality. If instead of living our entire life only choosing to look through this one window, we decided to be open to looking through all other windows, then we would be viewing all that exists, and so we can know what is this amazing diamond called ‘Reality’.

But then, if we are looking into this diamond, what then is looking back at us?..

We give form to energy through our imagination. All that exists is energy, all that is tangible to the senses is crystallized imagination.

Once this is verified by more than one, it is then universally recognized, thus becoming Reality.

Imagination & Reality are the same thing.

We are the builders of reality.

There are so many realities which co-exist in an ever changing & beautiful symphony. Even within the disharmony and chaos of our competing realities there exists harmony and order.